John Amaruso articles on Democracy Chronicles

John Amaruso is a writer, reporter and filmmaker from Merrick, New York. Having lived abroad in Romania for 6 months and traveled much of the western world, John has committed himself to writing about underdeveloped nations, political turmoil, and western democratic deficits and theory. In addition to writing politics, John is a creative fiction and non fiction writer in the literary and film world. John is also founder and writer of Next Generation News Junkies, a political comedy series that ran for two seasons. His current job as contributing writer to the Guardian Liberty Voice and Democracy Chronicles continues his quest on dissecting pressing issues in the media. His latest documentary film "Design of a Broken System" is a collaborative effort with Democracy Chronicles founder Adrian Tawfik and is currently filming. Checkout the rest of our international team of authors as well. Together, they help cover free and fair elections on every continent with a focus on election reform in the United States.