Multiple Opinions: A Variety of Views on Fiscal Cliff

Talks stall as fiscal cliff looms

Last minute talks stalled Sunday between top US political leaders aimed at averting a fiscal calamity due to hit within hours, as Democrats and Republicans blamed each other for a lack of progress. Top Democrats and Republicans groped for a compromise before a punishing package of government spending…

Obama ‘Pre Spins’ Fiscal Cliff Failure

Views on Fiscal Cliff: In his first Sunday show appearance in three years, President Obama blamed GOP inaction for stalled fiscal cliff negotiations.

David Brooks on the fiscal cliff: GOP has a brain freeze

New York Times columnist David Brooks on Sunday said Republicans had prevented a deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff because the party was at odds with itself. “What’s happening in Washington right now is pathetic. When you think about what the revolutionary generation did, what the civil…

Bernie Sanders: House Republicans are the problem

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont said Saturday that Republicans were solely to blame for the lack of a budget deal to avert the fiscal cliff. During an appearance on MSNBC, Sanders denied that both parties were responsible for the current gridlock in Washington. He said “nobody wants”…

Obama and the American Sheeple! (video)

The American sheeple and the mainstream media both live by following credo concerning the Obama administration: See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil! There is little that this administration has done or not done that is ever questioned by either the mainstream media or by those American citizens…

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