Over 35,000 Disenfranchised by Pennsylvania Voter ID

voting during Pennsylvania Voter ID

Demonstrators hold signs at an NAACP-organized rally on the steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol to protest the state’s new voter identification law on July 24 in Harrisburg, Pa.

Study finds that over 35,000 voters were turned away from voting during Pennsylvania Voter ID fiasco | Democracy, elections, and voting at DC

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Analysis Indicates That Over 35,000 Voters Were Disenfranchised In 2012 General Election As A Result Of Voter ID

HARRISBURG, Pa., July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Even though the Voter ID law was not enforced for the 2012 general election, through a careful statistical analysis of the available data we were able to determine with a 99% degree of certainty.

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