China Making Only Moderate Reforms for Politicians

Economic prospects China making only moderate reforms

Corruption and mismanagement harm economic prospects but China making only moderate reforms: Leadership could take lessons from Brazil and India democracies

New China leaders urge end to ‘pointless meetings’

AFP – China’s new leaders have urged an end to “pointless” meetings, speeches and other time-wasting events, state-run media said on Wednesday in the latest call for improved governance. Since being unveiled as the ruling Communist Party’s top brass last month, party chief Xi Jinping and others.

China has new leaders to guide the country though this decade, but these communists are proposing radical changes. Changes that include eliminating boring speeches and red carpets as The Telegraph reports: Party leaders will no longer be greeted wherever they go with cheering crowds, banners, red carpets.

China’s newly appointed leader Xi Jinping pledged Tuesday to implement rule of law, in comments that appeared aimed at rising social discontent over government corruption and police brutality. In a speech at the Great Hall of the People that marked the 30th anniversary of China’s 1982 constitution.

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