Working With Christiano Ronaldo to Fight Global Child Hunger

Soccer superstar Christiano Ronaldo to fight global child hunger

Soccer superstar Christiano Ronaldo to fight global child hunger by joining Save the Children international charity organization

Ronaldo could have second legacy as children’s rights advocate

Cristiano Ronaldo Kicks Off the New Year as Save the Children’s New Global Artist Ambassador for Child Hunger and Nutrition


MADRID, SPAIN – As Save the Children’s Global Artist Ambassador, Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo fights against child hunger and obesity, and promotes physical activity and healthy eating. “When I learned that one in seven kids around the world go to bed hungry each night, I jumped at the chance to get involved,” said Ronaldo. “It is an honor to join Save the Children. I want to work with them to make sure that fewer parents will have to struggle with putting the right kinds of food on the table.”

About Cristiano’s Cause of Fighting Hunger

Chronic hunger impairs children’s development and leaves them vulnerable to deadly disease. Children are more likely to be healthy and learn when their families are not worried about where the next meal will come from. To help parents fight hunger and malnutrition, Save the Children’s programs focus on improving the food supply, farming practices and financial security.Learn more
Promoting Healthy Eating

How can you be starving and obese at the same time? When families living in poverty have to decide between putting cheaper, processed food on the table or no food at all, eating healthy often isn’t a choice. As a result, more than half of children living below the poverty line in rural America are overweight or obese.

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