Chinese Corruption Scandals Continue Surfacing

Chinese corruption scandals Bo Xilai

Chinese corruption scandals endemic and Bo Xilai is only one dangerous example

China governance characterized by secrecy and violent dictatorship in crisis

One year on, China’s Bo scandal haunts Chongqing

AFP – One year after Chongqing’s police chief set off China’s biggest scandal in decades, the megacity has seen revelations of torture and corruption but little action on alleged abuses during the reign of disgraced leader Bo Xilai. Symbols of Bo’s time in power have been erased from the city he ruled.

A Chinese police chief has been sacked after reports he owned hundreds of houses and a false identity card, state media said Wednesday in the latest scandal to fuel public outrage over corruption. Zhao Haibin was stripped of his public offices for “engaging in business deals using a fake identity card

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