Democracy Haiku Poetry Collection by Claire P. Bocage

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By Kanō Eitoku (1543–1590) at Tokyo National Museum

This democracy haiku poetry collection is by writer and political artist Claire P Bocage

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June 22, 2012


Beautiful Democratic Wave

Democratic Uproar

The Public Rises, Swells

A Calming Response


The Greek Situation

Quick action needed

Hasty Greek Coalition

Peril or fortune?


Democracy Haiku Political Art Claire Bocage

June 24, 2012


The Egyptian Wait (10.15 AM EST)

Poll Choice Greets

Trepid Anticipation

Consequence to Follow


July 5, 2012


South Sudanese One-Year Independence

Obstacles Ahead

One South Sudan only building

And Growing Stronger


July 11, 2012


Political Anticipation

The Political Sway,

Every Which Way, Until

The Ballot Casts


True Campaigning

The Minority Vote

Parcel of the Whole

Commands Attention


July 20, 2012


Political Participation


Vote, lead, comment upon is



Mayor Gray’s Scandal

Fair competition

Loses the Political Run

in Fight to win

Democracy haiku fiscal cliff graphic


August 9, 2012


INDECISION 2012 by Claire Bocage

Indecision sparks

Firm Political clout

Clinching middle votes


September 3, 2012


Voting Adage

So the saying goes

You are the company you keep

And who’s votes received


September 14, 2012


“Workings of Democracy”

Pragmatism is

mores, values coupled with

certain idealism


October 22, 2012


What are debates?

Debate performance

Articulate opinionating

Or verbose promises


Debate Pitfalls.

Televised debates

Facts, beliefs, policy or

Aesthetics, charisma?


November 10, 2012


Election Aftermath:

on another note,

after counting every vote

diversity surges


January 4, 2013


Fiscal Cliff Haiku

Solve the Fiscal Cliff;

Is the problem, we the people,

or those we elect?


113th Congress

Fresh and Diverse House:

New Congress and a New Start?

The Same Crusty Circle



March 1, 2013

Democracy haiku gay marriage

as Congress stalls

The public can only watch:

To act or react?


Sequester policy;

tense politics,

opinions Integrate fantasy


March 28, 2013


DOMA Thoughts

The freedom of love,

In defense of marriage

Exists between persons


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