India Women’s Rights Protests Widen as Anger Turns

India women's rights protests widen

Explosion of anger in India is powerful enough to alter political landscape of democratic giant

India women’s rights protests widen as poverty remains deep

India’s trauma turns to anger at gang-rape killing

AFP – Horror at a deadly gang-rape that appalled India has turned to anger in New Delhi, where a leaden-footed government is accused of being out of touch and out of ideas in handling its latest crisis. On Sunday evening, as dusk descended on an area of the Indian capital where protesters have assembled.

Protests became violent today in Delhi as the youth wing of the opposition Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) pelted stones at police and tried to climb over barricades following news of the secret cremation of the body of the Delhi gang rape victim. The young woman was cremated on the outskirts of Delhi.

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