New York State Could Allow Early Voting

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To allow early voting in New York State would increase voter participation and ease of voting. New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver introduced the bill according to the latest from Ballot Access News:

New York state law does not permit voters to vote before election day, unless they will be absent. However, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has just introduced a bill for early voting. The bill would provide such early voting during the two weeks before an election, or one week before a primary or special election. The New York State legislative web page does not yet list any 2013 bills, so the bill number is unknown. See this story. 33 states already have either “no excuse-absentee voting” or “early voting.”

Also, from WBTA AM 1490:

Silver has announced he has introduced a pair of bills that would institute early voting inNew YorkState, along with a bill that tackles campaign finance reform. Silver says the bills together will help “give New York voters a far stronger voice and help level the playing field in the electoral process.” The early voting bill would let New Yorkers vote at designated locations beginning two weeks prior to any general election and one week prior to any primary or special election.

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