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Public Policy Online Voting System Reschedules Launch for August 10th

During the late evening on July 4th, announced it was rescheduling the launch of its innovative online voting system to August 10 at 6:00 p.m EDT to ensure a quality experience for its members.

According to Chuck Kirkpatrick, Founder and CEO, the company needed more time to completely test recently upgraded procedures designed to verify a member’s voter registration and congressional district mapping. “Pioneering in any industry is not an easy task, and bumps along the road are to be expected. Although a lot of wheels had been put in motion for July 4th, the desire to get to market can never replace our commitment to quality. Millions of Americans are counting on system, and that means the system operating at 100%, and I will not give America anything less,” states Kirkpatrick.

Two national surveys, including an August 2011 independent survey by Gravis Marketing, Inc. of 2,500 registered voters in five states, show nearly half of America’s voters will join Dozens of focus groups in first quarter 2012 also show tremendous bipartisan support from voters of all ages.

According to Daria DiGiovanni, the Company’s Director of Social Media Strategies, Twitter was alive on the 4th with thousands of anxious citizens waiting to join and vote on their first nonpartisan Advisory Proposition. “After two years of research and development, citizens all over the country have been reading news articles and hearing our radio interviews, especially over the past two weeks. They are very anxious to start understanding the real issues, and voting and communicating how they expect to be represented to their elected officials,” states DiGiovanni. selected a site within the City of Palm Bay’s newly designated Enterprise Zone and one of the community’s Sustainable Market and Reinvestment Target (SMART) areas. The company was awarded a State of Florida Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund (QTI) and a Brownfield tax refund incentive to offset the costs of location, employee training, and infrastructure.

About creates nonpartisan, unbiased “Advisory Propositions” at the federal, state and local level in which citizens can learn about and cast secure votes “online” on the most popular public policies, before they become law. Ballot results are instantly communicated to Congress. With an integrated Report Generator, legislators can create valuable voter trend reports utilizing 20 different data points so they know exactly how their constituents expect to be represented. Designed to handle tens of millions of users, this system replaces the “catch all” methods of phone, fax, email, letters, website comment forms, tweets, and Facebook posts with one high security communication tool. will also be released in Spanish and will provide smartphone and tablet applications.

For more information, contact: – Chuck Kirkpatrick, (321) 735-4894,

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